bristol home birth
A great website that discusses all issues around homebirth in great detail. Has good links to websites covering more specific issues and seems very up to date on current evidence.
For information about independent midwives all over uk and up to date news on what is happening in our campaign to improve maternity services and to be able to continue to work as we do
Website that tells you everything you need to know about your local maternity services and hospitals
Website for the local provider of birth pools of all kinds as well as other bits of equipment you may want for your homebirth. This website is also the link for the Bath homebirth group.
Website for the very successful and popular homebirthgroup in Bristol. Details of meetings and topics.
Website for local hypnobirthing teachers who run courses in various parts of bristol. I have been the midwife for some of their clients and have been amazed at what this method of antenatal preparation can do for labouring couples.
Website for anther bristol hypnobirthing teacher whose clients I have also cared for.