About Sally Randle

Sally Randle and a happy mother after a hospital delivery home birth home birth

Both my children (now 25 and 22) were born at home, with one to one care from a midwife I knew well. During my own pregnancies and afterwards I became more and more fascinated with how well a woman's body can work, if allowed to, and how continual good support from one midwife can make such a difference to the experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Because of this belief and my desire to continue to be involved with women at this important time in their lives, I decided to give up my previous career in TV production to become a midwife.

I trained as a Direct Entry midwife, which means I trained solely as a midwife, at the University of London, Kings College and in Kings College Hospital and Guys Hospital in London. After qualifying I worked as a community midwife for the former hospital. Because of the way maternity care is set up there, I was able to set up and work in a Midwifery Practice with a high homebirth rate looking after my own caseload of clients. Since I have been in Bristol, I have continued working this way (albeit as an Independent Midwife): caring for women I can get to know during their pregnancy, be with during their labour, birth and help them make the transition to parenthood afterwards.

I believe this system offers women the best care and gives me the greatest job satisfaction. I believe passionately that birth is a normal physiological process that women are very good at if allowed to be: particularly when they are in safe and loving surroundings. I think that the birth experience (whatever the outcome) has the potential to have a profound effect on a woman’s self esteem and the successful transition to parenthood and family for all involved. I am experienced in homebirth, vaginal and homebirth after a caesarian and water birth at home as well as caring for more complicated pregnancies and births.